2014 Toyota 4runner reverse camera wire for aftermarket radio wiring.

This took me an extremely long time to figure out so I want to share it on the internet in hopes of saving someone a little time. For anyone out there who is trying to hook up an after-market radio while retaining a factory backup camera, please take a look at these photos. The red wire inside the 28 pin connector on the radio side will need to be con nected to your aftermarket radio reverse detection wire. The harness I purchased was the Scosche CRTTA02 Camera Retention Harness 2.

This is the wire that needs to be connected to your after market radio reverse wire


Toyota Wire Harness 24pin
This is the harness for retaining factory back up camera Scosche CRTTA02 

This is the brown wire inside the Scosche harness that needs to come out … it does not actually connect to anything on the radio side. This brown wire is what needs to be connected to the red wire in the image below.
Here is another look at the wire/pin we need to zero in on.

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